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Name:Maria Dinallo
Title:Sr. Director of Sales, Americas Volume Channel
Address:500 SW 39th Street Suite #200
Country:United States of America
Phone No:727-376-4475
Cell No:
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Maria Dinallo
Apple in the Enterprise...beyond BYOD

Apple in Workplace…Beyond BYOD

Parallels Solutions for Business:

Software designed to simplify the support of Macs

in Windows-heavy environments


(727) 376-4475


·       The world’s best solution for running Windows on Mac

·       Manage Macs beyond native MS SCCM

·       Empower your mobile workforce to remotely access their desktop applications from anywhere on any device


Hi, I am Maria Dinallo, Sr. Director of Sales, Americas Volume Channel Parallels, Inc.


Did you know that over 55% of organizations today are thinking about providing Macs to their employees?


Because our solutions focus 100% on Mac integration, we regularly survey IT Admins to check in on what they are facing.   We recently conducted a poll of over 200 IT pros and asked them about Macs in business.  We learned that more than half of those surveyed said they are considering bringing in Macs either as part of a formal BYOD program or a corporate initiative.


Whether you need to manage Macs or provide desktop virtualization for access to Windows-only applications, Parallels solutions are designed with IT in mind.  Seamless integration, security and control features, business-class support and a team of Mac experts to help you with any Mac project you may be facing.


Parallels is on a continued path of relentless innovation


Parallels was founded upon our award-winning Desktop for Mac product and has grown over the years to becoming a leader in desktop virtualization and Cloud Services Enablement.  We help thousands of companies from around the world support Macs in Windows heavy environments.  This includes mass deployment of Windows on Mac with our Desktop for Mac Enterprise Edition as well as Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft System Center. 


As Sr. Director of Sales, I proudly lead our sales organization supporting companies of all sizes who need powerful, secure solutions for Mac integration.

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